Automated Machining Cell for Roller and Anchor Pin Production

With several successful integration projects behind us, at Glueckler Metal Inc., we have the ingenuity to identify what works well in an automated work cell dedicated to high volume machining. By tapping into our past experiences, we engineered a custom machining cell for the production of roller and anchor pins used in brake assemblies for heavy transport applications.


Older equipment and somewhat dated production methods have the potential to lead to quality issues. For one of our long-term customers, we recognized an opportunity for engineering a modern CNC machining cell to improve the quality of roller and anchor pins while promoting price competitiveness. Our main challenges involved engineering machining processes with cycle times rivaling those of screw machines, maximizing the interval between cold cut saw regrinds, and programming complex robotic manipulations to ensure consistent part placement and travel.


This production cell performs multi-axis, multi-spindle CNC machining on saw-cut low carbon steel blanks. Operation involves cold cutting a steel bar into a two-part length, which is hopper fed and oriented for CNC machining. Robotic unloaders shuttle the machined parts to a vertical ram saw for separation. Parts eject into a 2D profile measurement system that provides feedback for CNC tool offsets. After inspection, the parts are bulk unloaded.

Engineered to operate 24/7, the high degree of automation combined with feedback systems and central coolant and scrap recovery minimize the need for operator intervention. Tooling life is managed with macros to ensure they are changed out before failure, and our full-time maintenance department and in-house repair capabilities ensure maximum uptime.


After successful conversion of the part highlighted here, the customer awarded us a long-term supply agreement. This cell can machine upwards of 20 million parts annually, and we conduct ongoing programs as we transition parts over.

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Automated Machining Cell Specifications

Project Name & Description
Automated Machining Cell for Roller and Anchor Pin Production
Heavy Transport – Brake Assembly
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Hot Roll steel bar form cold cut into two-part lengths
  • Hopper loading and orientation.
  • CNC machining from robotically loaded blank. Dual Spindle / Dual Turret.
  • Robotic unloading and shuttling to vertical ram cold-cut saw for part division.
  • Part Ejection to Keyence 2D profile measurement system with feedback to CNC tool offsets.
  • Bulk unload.
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
  • 1 Nishijimax NHC-70NC Cold Cut Saw
  • 6+ Kitako, 4 spindle / 2 turret CNC machine tools (Combination of MT-4s and HS4200s)
  • Custom orientation, shuttling and gantry fixturing with ABB robots for part manipulation.
  • Remi-Eisele VMS 350 Vertical cold cut saw.
  • Keyence 2D Profile measurement system with custom fixturing
Overall Part Dimensions
1.250 (31.75mm) OD x 2.215 (56.25mm) LGTH
Tightest Tolerances
+/-.001 (+/-.0254mm)
Material Used
Low Carbon Steel
Material Finish
Part Dependent- RP, Heat Treat , Plate
Industry for Use
Heavy Transport
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Production cells runs 24/7 with all process measuring checks fully automated. Scheduled and periodical inspection line checks followed by dock audits and final certification all confirm that system is running correctly.
20 million +
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2 to 4 weeks from order forecast release. (Part to be family compliant)
Delivery Location
North America. End-use Global.
Standards Met
ISO 9001 Certified (TS Compliant)