About Glueckler Metal Inc.


Glueckler Metal Inc. (GMI) was first established through trial and error in a family-owned garage in 1985 and has evolved over the past 30+ years to be a corporation that currently employs 100+ people on Canadian soil. A key component to our success has been our underlying objective to always thoroughly understand our customers' requests. If we can understand the objective, we can meet the requirement and more often than not, exceed the expectation.

Since 1987, GMI has been a world-class precision machining, high volume, Safety Related Components (SRC) turned parts supplier. The strength of our team to continuously overcome the challenges of our ever-changing industry forms the backbone of our organization. Through our use of low cost raw materials, high volume process's and our unique supplier relationships, GMI has established a business that goes beyond manufacturing. Our capabilities have stretched from basic bar stock made with a range of mild carbon, to heat treated cold and hot rolled steel, in addition to both hot and cold forgings and in some cases pre-hardened, to ductile castings. Our history in SRC parts range from Jacks, Brakes, Steering, Engine and Hydraulics, most of which remain in our present day production.

In one of our first operating facilities, which was located in Barrie, ON, we used single & multi spindle screw machines with bar stock diameters ranging from .250" to 4.00". Housing a stable of over 50 multi-spindle screw machines, GMI was one of the largest machine shops in North America. To support high tolerance parts, we also held a bank of 10 centerless grinders. Due to our extremely large steel requirements, we also housed our own steel processing equipment, including bar straighteners, peelers and saws.

As time progressed, and our requirement to run more advanced SRC parts with restricted tolerances grew, as well as continuous improvement initiatives for our existing products, GMI added over 30 multi spindle, multi-axis CNC machining centers. In house, we have a fully autonomous scrap system that requires zero manual labor, capable of returning over 5,000 tons of scrap per year. Supporting our customers' needs for high quality with low cost, we have a central coolant system that is chilled and pressurized to maximize product quality and tool life. We've also added an extensive array of robotics to our current facility, located in Elmvale, ON, as our primary purpose in their use is to deliver enhanced quality as their consistency and repeatability is undeniably unmatched by human capability.

In the Company's history, we have exported to customers in various countries, on 3 different continents, with the majority of our production today bound for Global destinations. When developing a new process or family of products, we do so keeping in mind where the product(s) or task(s) are required on a global level. We've continuously supported our customers with their global growth through supplying many of their using facilities in the regions they have expanded too. Although our primary focus has been to service the transport industry on a global scale, including Heavy Truck & Trailer as well as Light Vehicle Passenger Car & Pick-up, we continue to produce for various industries, including but not limited to, Hydraulic, Construction, Agricultural and Commercial.

With Health & Safety taking the forefront of our planning process, and being of primary concern, we are constantly seeking out ways to improve this area to eventually reach a goal of zero incidents or injuries. We train our personnel to understand the level in which safety plays in our complex world of production, but also how it plays into the stringent requirements of the finished product. At GMI, we exercise best Safety practices to ensure personnel are never in harm's way, allowing them to produce to the best of their ability.

With 30+ years of production and more than 750 million machined parts (mostly made of SRC's), our quality speaks for itself. We have yet to experience a product recall or any major product failure. GMI has been an ISO/QS accredited supplier for over 25 years and maintains a zero PPM's philosophy. We credit ourselves with having a strong understanding of what zero defects really requires, with many of our machining cell's using 100% post process measurement for critical safety or production related criteria.

At GMI, we believe it is everyone's responsibility to protect and to exercise due diligence when it comes to the environment. We pride ourselves in our environmentally conscious practices, but are continuously seeking out improvement in elimination of environmentally harsh content with the introduction of more harmonious materials and process's. The desired result is to provide the most efficient and effective working environment possible to deliver our customers the highest value at the lowest cost, meanwhile ensuring that we remain not only an environmentally conscious company, but continue to implement change that best serves the global environment.

Glueckler Metal Inc. (GMI) is committed to preventing and removing barriers and addressing current and future requirements. More information is provided below.

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